Property Investment

Using the equity in your own home you can find a pathway to realising the dream of having the extravagant lifestyle you always wanted. Overseas Travel Financial Security Early Retirement Top Class Health Care. Now is the time to join thousands of Australians who have already become millionaires thorough Property Investment. Many are in their mid thirties to late forties when they start


1) When purchasing a property before it is built you pay only the stamp duty on the land. Where the land is $200,000 and the house completed is $500,000 the saving is $12500. That is $12,500 more in your pocket before you even start.

2) The depreciation amount will be higher for a new home than an older property.

3) A purpose built investment home is designed to reduce maintenance costs.

4) Tenants have different needs compared to owners. Purpose built properties are designed to attract above average tenants who are prepared to pay more than your average tenant.

5) Being new and built for investments tenants are more likely to sign longer leases. It also gives them a better feeling of long term security.

In essence new purpose built investment properties give extra initial financial benefits to the owner, they have less, almost no maintenance costs, they attract a better quality tenant who usually looks after the property and who usually stays put for a much longer time. resulting in almost zero vacancy factor.

Using the equity in your own home you may be able to purchase a brand new $500,000 investment property from as little as $100 per week.